981 Transmission Bundle

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The Numeric Racing Transmission Bundles are the best bang for your buck when ordering transmission parts for your Porsche!

Short Throw Shifter 981
Performance Shifter Cable 981
Cable Insulation Tubing
Bulkhead Wrench 27mm
Inner Caps Pack

What's included:

Short Throw Shifter

Our patented fully adjustable short throw shifter is the product that defined us. Designed to eliminate all play and sloppiness, it transforms your driving experience. Made from 100% aerospace-grade billet aluminum, it offers a strong and unwavering stance. We added precision bearings on every moving axis for buttery smooth action and undeniable accuracy. The multi-adjustable shift lever allows for various throw lengths, and adjustable cable mono blocks enable precise horizontal lever placement. With an OEM-friendly design, this upgrade is perfect for both street and track cars, turning your driving experience upside down.

Performance Cables

One of the most common issues for manual Porsches is the shift cables—they're bound to break eventually. We designed our Performance Shift Cables as a permanent solution. Our cables are thicker for added strength and have full motion, snap-back-to-center capability, preventing bending and snapping. With billet aluminum rod ends for precise engagement and aluminum bulkheads with stainless steel mounting nuts, our cables eliminate any play. In almost a decade, we've never had a cable break on our customers.

Insulation Tubing and Wrench

We thought of everything when designing our products. While using high-quality billet aluminum, we anticipated potential extra noise from the cabin. To address this, our Transmission Bundle includes rubber silicone tubing that can be spiral cut and wrapped around our cables to dampen unwanted noise. We offer two connection options for the rod ends: plastic insert caps for street cars to avoid metal-on-metal sound, and metal rod ends with a circlip for maximum engagement on track cars. Our cables also feature custom-fit bulkheads that can be tightened precisely with the included Numeric Racing Wrench.